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Packing Materials & Packing Supplies Catalogue

Preparing for a big move for your home or office? Dollies and Boxes Unlimited is your one-stop shop for quality packing materials and packing supplies in the Greater Toronto Area. View our catalogue below, full of packing materials & supplies, to begin for your important move. If you need assistance with your packing list, call a Dollies & Boxes representative at 888-398-9888.

Points to Consider Prior to Purchase

When preparing for a move, consider what you'll need prior to moving day. Proper planning begins with a packing materials and packing supplies list that will include things like protective bubbles, packing paper and more. Also, think about the items you'll need to pack and the coordinating boxes needed for those items. Plan to purchase shipping boxes to assist with the move. Make sure to note how you will transport boxes and other items to and from the moving vehicle. Thinking ahead and starting early can relieve unwanted stress when your move is ready to take place.


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